About Us

Established in 1996 by Don & Donna McKerrell, ProDesign Inc. is a premier building and management company located in Calgary, Alberta. Since the early 1980s, Don had been designing and building low-rise, large spanning buildings for industry, so with 14 years of experience under his belt, he decided to launch his own company.

From the beginning, Don knew he wanted ProDesign Inc. to push to the forefront of the steel building industry in Alberta and across North America. One of his favourite things about this industry was how easily steel buildings lent themselves to innovative design, energy efficiency, and longevity. It was his goal to craft designs that pushed expectations and overcame limits on all fronts. Over the last two decades, Don has carefully fostered a close relationship with Alberta’s major steel suppliers; the experts at ProDesign Inc. alway knows what changes in the industry are coming, and we’re constantly looking forward as we lead the way.

Don knew that the success of his company would rest on securing the help of his family, and they’ve been here to support him since the very beginning. ProDesign Inc. is a family run business. The values that are important to us as a family are at the core of our success. Clear communication to facilitate superior customer service, integrity, teamwork, the highest quality of workmanship, support for our local community, and protection of our common environment are the pillars from which ProDesign Inc. prospers year after year. Each of team members contributes a different skill, and together we make Pro Design Inc. flourish. As a family and a business, each of us has grown to fill the particular niche or demand Pro Design Inc. had in order to keep the company moving forward. As a business, we can overcome any challenge, and we work well as a team in both design and construction. By leading your project in both of these aspects, we can ensure that all points of code are included and followed.

ProDesign Inc. is still based in Calgary today, but our business has expanded greatly. We help to design and construct buildings all over Canada. Contact our design builders today to see how our team can make your project a reality!

Robertson Building Systems awarded ProDesign both the “Outstanding Builder” and “Builder of the Year” awards in 1999.

Buildings by ProDesign include Deerfoot Landing, Transfeeders, and Skyline Furniture.