Designing With Our Team

Designing With Our Team - ProDesign Inc - Calgary Builders

Over the years, ProDesign has designed and built state-of-the-art structures all across North America. Because of our extensive work with a variety of clients, we know just how important customization is to any project.

Warehouse and Office Space

Think warehouses are cut and dry projects? Think again. Warehouses and offices are necessary in nearly every modern industry. Every sector from restaurants to pet stores, governments to grocery stores, utilizes these spaces in some major way. That is why a cookie cutter project simply won’t do. If you want your business to perform the best, it needs to be built in such a way that is custom fit to your requirements. The best way to do that is to hire a design builder.

Major Renovations

We understand that not everyone has the desire or ability to build from scratch, that’s why we also offer interior and exterior renovations. Whether you’ve taken over a building from another company, or your current building needs a tune-up, we can help. No matter how well built a structure is designed, there are two things that will impact its functionality over time: shifting needs and weathering. As your business grows and develops, so should your buildings. Five years ago you had different requirements than today, and putting off a renovation will only decrease efficiency. Weathering is another factor that may make you consider an external overhaul. Wind, rain, snow, and sleet can take a toll on outdoor structures.


As an Albertan-born company, we have been a part of several projects in the agricultural sector. For many of our fellow Albertans, both our hobbies and our livelihoods exist within this industry. And like any industry, the standards are constantly being raised. Ranchers, farmers, and riders alike all need to incorporate these changes into their existing traditions in order to be successful. While we will leave the horse husbandry to you, we can help with your permanent structures.

In any project, we believe that a superior product is the direct result of a customized process. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to find out how we can help your concept turn into a reality!