Interior & Exterior Renovations

It is our greatest honour that over the decades we’ve been invited back by so many of our previous clients to provide Interior & Exterior Renovations. Your business grows and changes as the years go by, and our design builders are here to make sure your buildings keep up to always meet and exceed your needs.

Interior Renovations. At ProDesign Inc. there’s a running joke that if you could pick up a building and give it a good shake, our team specializes in everything that didn’t fall out. From the foundation to the roof and everything in between, we have experts for construction, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and more. Our team specializes in complete, large-scale, interior renovations of all types. If you’ve recently taken over a building from another company and need to completely redesign the interior to meet the needs of your business, our team has the design and construction specialists your need!

Exterior Renovations. Even the most durable roofing and siding only last so long. So whether the materials are worn and in need of replacement, or you want to reimagine your building with a shiny, new look, ProDesign Inc. can help overhaul your building’s exterior. At Pro Design Inc. no project is too humble nor too grand. We’re here to redo your warehouse’s roof, but we can also construct a new expansion onto your building to accommodate a larger workforce, giant equipment, anything! Whether it’s Interior & Exterior Renovations, you tell us what you need, and we create a design to get it done.

Winter or summer, ProDesign Inc. is available to make the building you’ve imagined a reality with Interior & Exterior Renovations. Meet with us for a consultation, and we’ll get started crafting a custom design to exceed your expectations.