Reimagine the Perfect Workspace

Reimagine the Perfect Workspace - ProDesign Inc - Design Builders in Calgary

Here at ProDesign Inc., we have the privilege of making some pretty incredible transformations. While the ideal situation for any company, industrial or commercial, would be to build their own structure from the ground up, that isn’t always possible. In most cases, companies purchase already-made buildings. The challenge here, is in changing the newly purchased building into something that can work for the new tenants.

What You Get VS What You Need

As much as your purchase was guided by trying to find a building that would fit your unique needs, the reality is that no other business is going to be like yours. You’re going to have to make some changes. Now is the fun part, the beginning of the metamorphosis. As a business owner, you know what you’re going to need to function.

Complete Overhaul

You know what you need, we know how to build it. If you could pick up a building and shake it, everything that didn’t fall out is our specialty. Our team is made up of experts in all areas regarding large-scale interior renovations. That means we are your one stop shop for construction, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. We won’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to transforming your new building into the perfect building for you.

Keep Up With the Times

Important factors that we always take into consideration are the past life of the building and it’s predicted future. Structures over 25 years old present a special challenge because modernization will need to take place. This means an updated exterior, security, and mechanical systems at the very least. Telecommunications systems will also need to be adapted to our tech-forward times. Looking into the future, accommodations will need to be made for growth of the company, whether that be product, staff, or other needs.

Customizing a building to function perfectly for your business is one of the most exciting parts of our job. If you’ve recently purchased and are looking for large-scale renovations, contact us today!