At ProDesign Inc., we’re here to help move your project from dream to reality. From the very first steps of land acquisition and securing financing, to the maintenance and warranty work long after your building is constructed, our team of design builders is available to you and ready to serve.

The ProDesign Inc. Specialties. Over the past two decades, we’ve fostered a close relationship with the steel industry. It is our goal to always push the boundaries of innovation, energy efficiency, and longevity in our industry, and our customers benefit from our continuous improvement. Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across Canada and the US to design and build the warehouses and/or office spaces they needed to expand and grow their business. Low rise, wide span buildings are our specialty, but we offer custom designs crafted specifically to meet your unique needs and priorities; we pride ourselves on being able accommodate all types of projects.

Other ProDesign Inc. Services. While design and construction are our passions, we can help our clients with many of the important steps to realizing their project. Our talented team can smoothly arrange land acquisition, financing, design, construction, sitework, tenant fit up, leasing, and more. We work with you to bring your project smoothly from concept to occupancy. Our team is dedicated to transparency, and our clients and we frequently share frank, informed discussions on how the project is progressing and what challenges need to be overcome. This allow your project to remain agile and adaptive to change. Our vast in-house talent means everything can be done without outside influence, so decisions are made quickly and efficiently in a discussion with our clients. This keeps your project on schedule and on budget.

Our Process. The process at ProDesign Inc. can really be broken down into four main components.

  • The first step is everything that needs to be done before we design your project. The major things to address during this step of your project are: Do you have a budget? Do you have land? Do you have any idea in mind for what you’re looking for?
  • The second step is putting the concept into a design. Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and priorities. Then we’ll create a design and explain our recommendations on how to proceed.
  • The third step is all about fine tuning the details. Before we start constructing, we want to make sure everything has been considered and is in place. When you are satisfied that every detail is met, you give us the go ahead to progress to step four!
  • The final step is executing your design into reality. We begin construction on your building and finish on or before your deadline. When construction is complete and occupied, your building still benefits from our generous warranty. We stand by everything we design and build, and you’ll find out customer service, even after your project is complete, is exceptional. If you need something fixed or find anything out of place, we’ll be there to fix it!