Simplify Your Project with a Design-Builder

Simplify Your Project with a Design-Builder - proDesign Inc - Design Builders Calgary

With the huge variety of options when it comes to commercial or industrial builds, deciding what route to take can be a challenge. A great solution is to invest in a design-builder. As opposed to more traditional project delivery services, a design-build will consolidate architect and engineer into one concise package. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider hiring a design-builder for your project:

One Point of Contact

Instead of needing to negotiate with several different parties, you will have a single point of contact. A design-build team is exactly that, a team. This means that passing the buck is not an option. As in any major project, complications will undoubtedly arise without proper communication. Having a company that is involved from concept to completion can alleviate much of the stress from those complications. Everyone knows what needs to be done and how to get there, creating an environment of solutions instead of excuses.

Depletes Risk

Disputes between designer and contractor will be a thing of the past. A design-build project ensures that there will only be one interpretation of the design; the one that the designer intended. Because of this, time lost and expenses incurred due to errors is minimal compared to traditional builds.  

Save Time and Money

We know that time is valuable to any project, and managing hundreds of timelines efficiently is no simple task. With a design-build, this task is centralized so that coordinating all of those schedules can be as seamless as possible. In terms of cost savings, there are two ways in which your expenses will be kept down. For one, a project running efficiently takes less time, and time is money. Secondly, because your designers and builders are integrated, expect a practical approach with an in-depth awareness of construction costs during the design process itself.

If you want to simplify your project while saving time and money, a design-builder may be the perfect choice for you. Contact us for a quote today!