Is Steel the Right Material for Your Agricultural Building?

Is Steel the Right Material for Your Agricultural Building? - proDesign Inc - Design Builders Calgary

Wooden pole buildings are a common sight on land developed for agriculture, but there are other options for materials which are worth exploring. One of these options is steel. The farming industry is constantly adapting to the changing times, and structures need to reflect that. Steel offers strength and affordability in a market where sacrificing quality is not an option.

Stable Structure

Alberta weather is not moderate by any means. Within the span of a week we can experience tornadoes, chinooks, and heavy snowfall. Whether you are storing equipment, feed, or live animals, any structure you have on your land needs to be able to protect your investments. Steel offers reinforced strength against the temperamental Albertan climate.

Opportunity to Grow

When it comes to farming and other agricultural ventures, growth is not only part of the package, it’s often the point. When changes occur, traditional buildings often need to be entirely removed in order to make way for something else. These shifts can be costly and time-consuming. Additions to steel structures are much simpler. Instead of starting new, steel buildings can be partially disassembled and pieced back together.

Affordable for Your Budget

Steel buildings are highly customizable and can suit nearly any need.  Their affordability stems from the fact that most steel buildings are pre-fabricated and delivered on-site to be assembled. Harsh weather or a lack of labor will no longer be an issue during construction. On top of this, they bypass some of the costly issues of pole buildings. For example, a common problem with these types of buildings is the rotted wood where the pole makes contact with the ground. This will compromise the structural integrity of your building and the safety of whatever is inside of it. Steel does not have this problem.

Different designs and conditions call for different materials, and it may be that steel is exactly what you need for your next agricultural structure. Give us a call today to explore your options and see if a steel building would suit your needs!