Warehouse + Office Space

Across North America, ProDesign Inc. has designed and built hundreds of low-rise, steel warehouses and/or office spaces. We understand that every client has slightly different needs for their new construction, and over the years, we have gained a strong reputation across the continent for exceeding all expectations in our custom designs for warehouses and/or office spaces.

Exceeding Expectations. Because our one-stop-shop of design builder specialists includes both expert designers and builders, we have the opportunity to push the limits of steel construction. We are always striving to do more, to make our buildings more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and durable. Over the decades, we have nurtured a close relationship with the steel industry. This allows us to always be on the forefront of what’s coming next and lead North America in design and construction.

Custom Designs. A warehouse for an international giant is going to have very different needs than a local distribution warehouse for a grocery store chain. Similarly, the offices of a vast tech empire will differ from the requirements of a headquarters for a restaurant franchise. Businesses aren’t one size fits all, so neither should your building be. When you approach ProDesign Inc. to oversee your project, we’ll start with a consultation. You’ll explain what your unique needs, your business’s priorities, and every detail important to you. Our designers will put their heads together to bring you a custom design for a warehouse and/or office that meets all of your specifications. Only then, if you’re satisfied with your design, will we move towards constructing the building.

While your average person might think all warehouses and/or office spaces are the same, we know our clients know better. Every business has unique, individual needs, and it’s our privilege to imagine how to turn your wishes into a reality. Our team’s talents also go far beyond just designing and building, we can smoothly arrange land acquisition and financing, craft custom designs, and complete construction including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. We can also lend a hand with tenant fit up, leasing, and more.

Our team of design builders specializes in helping move your project from concept to reality. That’s why we’ve mastered every step along the way including land purchase, design, engineering, excavation, and occupancy. Let us get started on your project together.